Thursday, August 10, 2017

Taiwan's government giving in to anti-biking sentiment

News HERE Taiwan and Taipei's government is giving in to the anti-biking sentiment.
[1] Scooters complain about bikers and they get attention and bikes are towed and fined.
[2] Car drivers complain about bikers (Tun-Hua N-road) and bike lanes are removed.
[3] Pedestrians complain about bikers and biker can't bike on Sidewalks.

So the government blames the bikers and gives all preferences to scooter, walkers and cars and does not stand up for bikers anymore. it's becoming very ridiculous. Where is Taiwan's pro bikers government an policy except for U-bikes?

For owners of own bikes, there are very few bike parking spaces and slots in Taipei. Many spaces are occupied by u-bike, so there is no space for bikes owners In other countries there are metal slots everywhere, In Taiwan limited, probably because store and house owners won't agree to put slots. the government gives up. and now, bikes are going to be towed. How many illegal parked cars and scooter are NOT towed ? There is no clear indication or rule where bikers can park and where they cannot. If there would be more bike slots, for regular and o-bikes the problems would be be that big.

Biking lanes
Bikes cannot bike on thee sidewalk unless there is a bike-paths, But the markings for bike paths are not clear. Lanes stops halfway or are interrupted by construction, MRT stations, people who walk on the lanesand bike line colors and style are inconsistent.

Government requires bikers to go on the street, but there is absolutely no protection for bikers. Cars and buses ignore turn left of right lanes, right on left turn lanes, cars are (double) parked, bus-stops and buses cut bikers and nothings is done about it. Biking is still and becomes more and more dangerous and the Taipei and Taiwan government is not educating.

Commuting There is absolutely no connection between central Taipei and south/north Taipei with bikes lanes. How does the government think to make biking more popular ?

Take a look around and how many bike slots do you see ?

Monday, November 14, 2016

Bike Apple Station

Train station bike parking in NL. article HERE

150km more bike paths in Taiwan

A new government commitment ? Hopefully we see a few KM's in Taipei. Article HERE and some more news here about the bike rental program HERE

Tokyo's underground bike vaults

Check out the article HERE More details in this video A German company has the same idea but then above ground level. and a general article about parking solutions HERE

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Elevated bike lane

Details in Chinese HERE article

A Website with information about Netherlands in Chinese with an article about biking culture in the Netherlands. Here

Sunday, March 6, 2016

More alien landings spotted in Taipei

More UFO Parking areas showed up today in Taipei Fu-Xing South road. Wished there were more bike parkings ! A fellow citizens asked me this morning. How do you think about this road. We had a very fun and long discussion and both came to the conclusion that [1] this surface could have been done better [2] No idea of the reason(s) for such rough surface [3] No idea of the purpose of the "art" work. [4] the artwork (?) makes the road more bumpy. It seems I am not the only one with these question. will this be another "FAIL" just because of a good idea but poor execution ? Wondering if the city government ever consulted other countries, universities and 3rd party on suggestions. Will this be another DIY trial and error? Car, Bus an Taxi drivers would LOVE to see this fail.