Monday, November 17, 2014

A bike that cannot be stolen

News HERE Yerka Youtube Channel HERE

Illuminated bike path (van Gogh bike path)

A bike line constructed of Solar powered LEDs. Great to save energy and nature, no lights needed. Check the video at 8:32 for details of the construction materials. See news Here Some more information HERE and in a presentation of Social design HERE and the map to this bike path is here HERE it's located in Neuen, just outside Eindhoven, the Netherlands. and HERe are more directions. download the folder HERE

Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Taipei ride

Summary 1. Be prepared for everything, even from behind 2. Obstructions everywhere 3. Mostly no bike lanes in the streets 4. motorcycle drivers don't use mirrors and lights 5. Cars park illegally, e.g. to buy some food etc.. 6. People chatting / walking in the middle of street 7. Driving in opposite directions , even in one way streets 8. Driving in small backstreets/alleys is much easier than on the wider lanes 9. Motor-cycles swing between cars to get to the front of the traffic lights 10. Everyone let's you clearly know you are slow and should get out of their way. 11. No yielding for bikes, no respect from traffic for bike lanes 12. Sidewalk is sometimes the only area free to bike.

Taipei bike cruising

7 reasons why bicycle commuting doesn’t work in Taiwan

This article from OZSOAPBOX HERE Most of the reasons still stand in 2014.

All Taiwan bike lanes finished by 2015 !

Money, Money, Money... it's not funny.... in a biker's world ... News HERE

Tuesday, May 6, 2014