Monday, November 14, 2016

Bike Apple Station

Train station bike parking in NL. article HERE

150km more bike paths in Taiwan

A new government commitment ? Hopefully we see a few KM's in Taipei. Article HERE and some more news here about the bike rental program HERE

Tokyo's underground bike vaults

Check out the article HERE More details in this video A German company has the same idea but then above ground level. and a general article about parking solutions HERE

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Elevated bike lane

Details in Chinese HERE article

A Website with information about Netherlands in Chinese with an article about biking culture in the Netherlands. Here

Sunday, March 6, 2016

More alien landings spotted in Taipei

More UFO Parking areas showed up today in Taipei Fu-Xing South road. Wished there were more bike parkings ! A fellow citizens asked me this morning. How do you think about this road. We had a very fun and long discussion and both came to the conclusion that [1] this surface could have been done better [2] No idea of the reason(s) for such rough surface [3] No idea of the purpose of the "art" work. [4] the artwork (?) makes the road more bumpy. It seems I am not the only one with these question. will this be another "FAIL" just because of a good idea but poor execution ? Wondering if the city government ever consulted other countries, universities and 3rd party on suggestions. Will this be another DIY trial and error? Car, Bus an Taxi drivers would LOVE to see this fail.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Taipei ROADS also to become part of sponge city

Hau's initiative extended by Mayor Ko targeting roads, Read article HERE and video here

U or You bike ?

If you could not find the U-bike apps. here are the links Android and iOS, Source U-Bike website There are many complaints on Google Play. Why ?Because the application is only in CHINESE ! Please City gov. do something to make the U (or You? ) bike application more foreigner friendly. ! Also the naming convention is inconsistent. While the app picture is U-bike, the application name is "You bike" and inside reference to both are made.

Fu-Xing bike lanes & a UFO landing spot ?

Here is a impression of the new bike lane at Fu-Xing south road. The surface is not all that flat, causing lot of vibration, specially for road bikes and bikes without suspension. During the construction plastic boxes were installed under the road. This can probably have to do with water collecting experiments ? Also a spot is reserved in case of landing of UFO (or perhaps it has another meaning ?) Iif you have pictures of other Taipei bike lane construction, please send them to

Dutch support for Taipei Bike lanes

Taipei Mayor Ko gets support from the Dutch. Good job.Read the article HERE. Guy Wittich, the representative at the Netherlands Trade and Investment Office (NTIO) cycles on a Taipei YouBike to work. (Courtesy of NTIO) Exerpt:
The development of Dutch cycling culture started after 1970. At that time, cars caused frequent and serious traffic-congestion problems. With the people's increased consciousness and government support, the government established bike lanes and bike parking areas, and implemented related education, as well as regulatory policies for transportation and insurance.
Related, an interesting story how Dutch got their bike paths. This is quite intersting as in Taiwan there is a lot of objection to the bike paths, the bottom line statement is "build and they will come" hopefully so.

Welcome to the cyling kingdom

The first time the Velo-city conference is held outside Europe. Link HERE

Taipei bike friendly ?

It's March again and time for hyping some bike news. Star2 has an article HERE My few cents of the current state:
<1> Bike lanes do not connect, for example MRT station entry block the sidewalks.
<2> Hard to get in/out of the city by bike, Fu-Xing tunnel does not allow bikers to go through. Bridges to the north are dangerous.
<3> City road corners are dangerous, cars can turn and hit cyclists and pedestrians. Add some concrete blocks with plant./trees or something.
<4> Pedestrians block the entry of bile lanes on corners, add a marking "keep free for bikers" on corners, like there are marking for scooters on the roads...
<5> Bike lane surfaces are too rough, much rougher than the roads. Why ?
<6> Many people walk on bike lanes everywhere. Why not use a consistent color and marking for bike lanes ?