Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New biking regulation for Taiwan in the making

Some more vague statistics and an old story. Well, there was a step in the right direction to talk to bike maker. But.. you would expect Bike suppliers to support and install bells and light on bikes when sold and the government sponsor it (at least in the first year). But no, they said, pass it on to the consumer! BTW: Would a light be required in the daytime. How would a ugly bell look like an a ten/hundred-thousands of dollar sports road bike? would you install it? BTW It's laughable the government goes into negotiations wihthout any specification of the lights/bells but have a clear amount how much to charge for violation of the - to be defined - rule!!
In other countries there is a grace period where people get a warning (e.g a year) before issuing fines.
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