Monday, July 8, 2013

Taipei to extend bicycle lanes to 40km this year

Quote: \"The city’s Department of Transportation yesterday said it would build a total of 10km of bike lanes on Xinyi Road and Nanjing E Road this year to extend the city’s existing 29km of bike lanes. Next year, the city will build bike lanes along Xinsheng S Road and Roosevelt Road. Aside from bicycle lanes and sidewalks, cyclists can also use slow lanes, Chen said, while urging cyclists to respect the rights of pedestrians. \" Article here

There is nothing to find on the DOT website though here Will it be doomed to failure like THIS before or are these 10K nothing more than just the wider sidewalks? if that is so, then the head of this article is heavily misleading and should be titled "Taipei to extend sidewalks for shared walking and biking". I also wish the city government could provide a list broken down by street of these 29k of bike-lines.

Next Generation protected bike lanes

Click above window to play the movie of a dream come true which very likely will never see the light (on a larger scale than today) in Taipei's central city. See the speed people can bike? It is absolutely impossible on Taipei City's bike lanes and shared sidewalks.

Too many bikes can be a problem too


Article here