Friday, October 12, 2012

Bike to Work day

Yup, We should have this in Taiwan. More details HERE

Get Paid to ride a bike ( to work and for fun)

Rewards for biking to work HERE and HERE for a ride in London.

BYOBL (Bring Your Own Bike Line)

An interesting Singapore Bike commuting blog. And this interesting video of Mexicans who are so fed up with their government that they built their own bike path! See link HERE

Social bike rental

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Have you seen this one?

I have not seen one, but maybe you did ? A Taipei bike light

Taipei Bike commuting progress is frustrating

By the way it's world animal day today, a good time to start rounding up 2012. The only progress in Taipei recently seems to be adding bike rental instead of progress for adding bike lanes. For example, there are bikes for rent now at Xin-Yi Da-An Park at the Chien-Kwo South road (YES, just ACCROSS the 3 bike shops which are located there). This kind of stinks (Is the investor of the bikes trying to take away the business from bike shops ?) All you basically can do is bike around Da-An park and try to avoid pedestrians (Who have no clue they are walking on a bike lane). If you want to ride anywhere else, well.. there is no bike lane to the North, East, South or West. While MRT construction on Xin-Yi is coming to completion, there are no sign whatsoever bike lanes will apear (but gopefully I could be wrong). Wider side-walks for pedestrians do seeems to be the motto. Thus it looks like the bikers are again pointed to use the side-walks taking away space from pedestrians instead of cars and motorcycles. Though the government website indicates there will be bike lanes HERE though would one North-South (Tun-Hua) and a few East-West bikelanes make bike commuting a reality? Browsing the internet surprisingly the frustration for Taipei and Taiwan's bike infrastructure seems to be growing. Here are a few articles from 2012: Notice in the last article: According to the city’s Department of Transportation, an average of 23 people a day use the system. The department has budgeted NT$14 million (US$ 470,000) a year to manage the program, and incurred a loss of more than NT$10 million since its launch Just read through it. Does the rental service sound like a a positive perspective for the coming year(s) or should the government change their focus on bike lanes or should we just give up ever hoping Taipei can become bike commuter friendly?

Taiwan Critical Mass

Here is the website of the Taiwan version of the Critical Mass movement. (and I did find their logo!!!)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Brazilian way (Campinas, SP)

Here are a few pictures I made near Campinas in Brazil (Sao Paulo state). Rushing at (an allowed) 100KM/h ,you can see this. It's not for me.

Though a real good thing in Campinas is that they close a (two lane) road around a big lake every weekend! So you can run, bike, skate, walk or whatever else as much as you like without every thinking about traffic. It's about a 5~6 km circle. Fantastic! Afterwards you can buy a healthy fruit drink or other food at one of the many outdoor shops. How about we have THAT in Taipei city?

How cities can get drivers biking

An article about safe bike lanes. Read it here Here