Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Enforcement without regulation

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Enforcement without Regulation. MOTC is just HARASSING and scaring the population with penalties while MOT does not have a solid solution for the chaos exists. Very typical for MOTC's attitude. I bought my racks years ago. Was there an approval label on it? Ofcourse not ? Where to get it? Do I now have to pay for testing of my rack to get such label? What is the regulation now? For most rack is is almost impossible to avoid blocking the car license plate. Every car is different MOT should be thinking this through a bit more. For example, people can't get a FREE 3rd license plate to put on their rack or alow them to paste the car number on their rack. And an even more important problem with racks are lights. Most racks block the car rear lights. Again, the same story, MOT is focusing on penalties and forget to look at the big picture of safety issues.

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