Monday, November 30, 2009

No Helmet bike fines

Here we go, fines coming for bikers for no helmets... here

In many countries such as the Netherlands, bikers still think that helmets should be optional. But in Taiwan, no one has a say, the government dedides. End of story. Ok, So now bikers will not hurt their head or die, the death rate may go down but we will just shift the number to arm and leg injuries an mor people in the intensve care increasing the need for tax payers money and likely insurance costs. Does that fix the root cause?

But, the motos and cars speeding and cutting bikers on every corners and bus stop still go w/o mentioning. I was cut twice very hard by a bus and a txies in 15 minutes on the road yesterday, not mentioning the very irritating barking taxis behind me. Why not require car/bike speed limiters mandatory? Yes?

USA regulations here
Wikipedia here
Same facts about mandatory legilation here Note, the country with the most bicycle trips (The Netherlands) is stil UNDECIDED on mandatory legislation and most people object.

Taiwan... what are you thinking? Is the government doing their homework? Where is the supporting data bofore making a proposal? That would be helpful than just a one line posting on the news and press the community to buys helmets (a social cost) which likely will not help at all.

Right the statisic above are a bit old, but they could mean the more bikers on the road , the more awareness (critical mass), the less fatalities, but that is just an assumption There could be much more factors, such like the level of bike lane integration, road behavior , laws for mandatory lights on bikes etc.. (Yes, in the Netherlands bike lights are mandatory! The chance to get a fine is not low).


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