Sunday, September 19, 2010

The bike as a symbol for progress ?

Since I love to provide you with links, here is some more. Discovered this news today from this blog (Taiwan In Cycles). The news says that the bike is (ab!)used as a symbol for progress in next 100 years. Why the bike again. Oh, yes, the bike is such an easy no-brainer (reflecting how long the govenrment had to think about this) because it's healthy and good for everyone. But then why Taipei is not doing anything to promote biking. Why is the bike suddenly the symbol of progress? As to be cynical as usual, it's (un)comfortable to assume Taipei citizens may only get good bike commuting in Taipei in a 100 years! This is about in line with the speed of progress made in the past years in Taipei. Sorry, but I won't show up for a pathetical political motivated event. And.. if it's all not enough here President Ma does it one more time. Would it not be time to set the record straight with a protest against the harassment of the bike and bikers by motorized traffic and politics?

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