Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Taipei begins ban on bicycles riding on sidewalks From May 20th. Fines ranging NT$300 to NT$600

Heard an advert on ICRT morning show that bikers will be fines for using the sidewalk. My god where can bikers go now? when does this ultimate discrimination of bikers stop ? Well , the alternative for bikers is to use the designated lanes or slow lines and to be careful for pedestrians. So does the government make provide any safe space for bikers? what is more pathetic? Links below. According to current regulation, cyclists are not allowed to ride on arcades or sidewalks. Should a cyclist violate these regulations, he or she faces fines of between NT$300 and NT$600. Wang said there are currently three types of bicycle lanes in the city: bicycle paths, special dual-use sidewalks allowing bicyclists to share the lane with pedestrians, and slow traffic lanes for motorbikes and bicycles

[Editor note: Perhaps Wang Shang-Wei (王聲威) should ride his bike more often in Taipei on Chung-Hsiao, Xin-Yi, Fu-Xing, Chien-Kwo , Ren-Ai (to mention a few which have no lanes at all) to feel the experience of biking on the Taipei roads among buses, taxi, illegally parked cars , racing motorcycles, bike "red-wave" traffic lights etc. etc. No one can understand the exact traffic rules. After many years, no sign of physically separated bike-lanes. Isn't it time for bikers to stage to organize a protest in Taipei to stop these many years of madness, all the back and forth polices created and reversed by these (tax consuming) government officials and finally bring bike heaven to Taipei's bike hell? Let these folks ride a bike in Taipei with the bikers together in Taipei to feel the experience]

Taipei begins ban on bicycles riding on sidewalks (article) (What is funny is that there was quite some confusion if this lane was a bike line or not)

Taipei begins ban on bicycles riding on sidewalks (Video)

Taipei City Government to review bike lane policy before 2014 (Article)

Taipei City decides to remove bike lane on Dunhua Road (Article)

Taipei City Govt has no idea on bicycle lanes (Article)

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