Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Taipei bike friendly ?

It's March again and time for hyping some bike news. Star2 has an article HERE My few cents of the current state:
<1> Bike lanes do not connect, for example MRT station entry block the sidewalks.
<2> Hard to get in/out of the city by bike, Fu-Xing tunnel does not allow bikers to go through. Bridges to the north are dangerous.
<3> City road corners are dangerous, cars can turn and hit cyclists and pedestrians. Add some concrete blocks with plant./trees or something.
<4> Pedestrians block the entry of bile lanes on corners, add a marking "keep free for bikers" on corners, like there are marking for scooters on the roads...
<5> Bike lane surfaces are too rough, much rougher than the roads. Why ?
<6> Many people walk on bike lanes everywhere. Why not use a consistent color and marking for bike lanes ?

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