Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Cycling around Taipei

Interesting movie. Common Taipei life things to notice 1. Bike lanes are very small and surface causes a bumpy ride and often are two way. 2. Taxis not giving much yield to those crossing the zebra 3. Biking on a motor/bike lanes is scary 4. Bikers ignoring red lights 5. Bikers not yielding much to pedestrians 6. Illegally parked cars 7. Inconsistency, suddenly disappearing bike lanes 8. People walking on the bike lanes (you needs that bell) 9. Bikers using the pedestrian zebra area. 10. Too small spaces nearby MRT entries/exists (The Taipei government totally ignored this during design/construction) 11. Very wide roads (Xin-Yi 101/Ren-Ai) without a bike lane 12. Construction occupies the whole sidewalk with no safe space to walk/bike.

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