Friday, May 29, 2009

Bike Lane Standard Operation Procedure

1. Approach the lane at high speed because the sidewalk is 2 to 5 centimers higher.
2. After the hopefully soft landing, BREAK! (with the REAR wheel break!). Look forward to check for any pedestrians on the bike path, if found.. it might be too late already. Say "sorry" and continue to step 3
3. When reaching the other side. make the decision: take the road or enter the side-walk
4. After avoiding any obstacles and pedestrians on the side-walk, continue your journey.


  1. Dunhua North Road bike path will soon be completed so the location in the photo will be fixed. The crossing across Dunhua Road at this location will also be made smooth and bike friendly.

  2. Some portion of the bike lanes of north area of Dun-Hua road have been completed. However this area seems not included in the plan and is unchanged.