Friday, May 8, 2009

The Most Natural Taipei Trip

-- February 2, 2009 --Given a choice between Metro, bus, or taxi as the primary mode for touring Taipei, which would you choose? When it comes to a place where transportation is as convenient as it is in Taipei, using any kind of mass transportation is both convenient and inexpensive, but one also loses a little bit of the enjoyment of seeing Taipei at leisure. So riding a bicycle around Taipei at one’s own pace seems to be a pretty good alternative. As one rides along the Jingmei, Xindian, Danshui, or Keelung Rivers, one can feel the light breeze upon one's skin, enjoy a view of Taipei's scenic riverbanks, and experience a true lightness of heart.

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(True. .. exactly .. biking AROUND Taipei is not too bad!)

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