Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How Taxi drivers are getting away with it

Does this make sense? News here. The good guys get punished, the bad guys walk away free. It happen to me once I had to break for a passenger coming out of a taxi parking far way of the sidewalk, the woman in a very fancy dress shouted at me "why you bike so fast !!!" (Actually I was much slowed down for a traffic light the taxi was parked in the front of). Her husband (or lover, whatever) came along asking if I was alright. Well maybe she got a bad day..

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  1. Well at least the passenger got fined! But myself looking at taking my camera with me, and 'openly' taking picture of taxis idling in bike lanes. Letting drivers KNOW I am taking their pictures, and hopefully they will start to think and move, next time their are stopping in bike lanes. Not sure if police will act if I gave them pictures? Any advise?