Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bike lanes one of the "three strikes" ?

The author of this article claims the Tun-Hua bike lane is one of the three big failures ("strikes") in Taipei.

News Article here

I wonder the author of this article ever rode his/her bike on Tun-Hua road. It's a very very big improvement and a nice ride, except for the narrow parts where private cars, buses load/unload (special near the Chang-Gung hospital), or where taxis drivers have their midday nap or have their lunch-box when parked in the middle of the bike lanes. (it's happens!). More physical separation could help (to avoid being intimidated by those screaming 60-70km/h racing and waving from left to right motorcycles, any fines for those?, and how about the ever slow driving taxi's looking for pick ups blocking bikers, changing their speed slow to fast, turning in front of bikers intimidating them intentionally or non-intentionally?)

The truth is that there is not much space due to the wide middle lanes on Tun-Hua Road. (For the majority of road, Taipei City provides road priviliges mainly to motorized traffic and not human power driven equipment)

This author blames the bike failure on lack of police and it seems the author prefers to live in a police state instead of focussing on the education of the population . For example the meaning of the colors of the bike lanes and expected fines for violation (e.g a commercial on TV?) . Why not add taxation on owning a motorcycle? Why not provide free service for bikers when their bike has a problem, Why not provide more separate bike parking and less motorcycle/car parking, these benefits could provide reasons to use a bike. No benefit, no change!, or No increased burden, no change!

Simple Conclusion, it's Taipei own citizens and users of the road who cause the failures of good incentives such as the bike lane. (this is inline with people themselves normally being the major cause of many issues in society) The number of bike lanes is growing to slow. Hsin-Yi road and many others North/South and East/West are road that should have the lanes. More bikes lance result in more awareness

Going back to "shared space " without rules is a no-no, not as long as there is no traffic discipiline build in into Taiwans road user's behavior.

Interesting is the article on China post is posted by the "The China Post news staff". too worried to post a name in a news website?


  1. Hmm as mentioned, maybe we bikers should start to 'intimidate' them taxi drivers, by carrying a camera and take their pictures, incl. license plates of them idling on bike paths. Letting them see you take their pictures! But not sure if police give a 'damn' if pictures can be used to issue them fines? Advise here?

  2. Been thinking about that. Let's do it! (the pictures) and please send them to my email address. (see the 1st post of this blog)