Saturday, September 26, 2009

What would you do if you where the MOTC ?

Here is my summary of things I would do.

1. Enforce all bikes to have lights and bells installed on January 2011

2. Enable regulation for approved lights and bells (electrical and mechanical ones)

3. Define a common sound for bike bells

4. Install bike traffic lights to allow bikers to turn right on specifc corners when light it red
for cars/motorcycles

5. Enforce heavy ticketing for cars on the bike lanes

6. Enforce heavy ticketing for illegally parked cars on high traffic N/S bound lanes (eg Fu-Xing..)
- Lot of those stores have staff outside to watch for police

7. Bikers should stick out their hand when turning (recommendation, no law enforcement)

8. Install more bike parking areas

9. Speed up the number of bike lanes on N/S roads. Cost down.

10. Create Bus islands (right now, bus/taxis' loadingoffoading is dangerous and lane is much
to narrow. Chance to hit an opening door or exiting passenger is high.

More to come..

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