Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Biking only for political publicity?

Is the healthy biking topic just only useful for politic promtion and publicity or will Taipei put action with words someday?

As stated there are 250km of bike lane in Taipei. I haven't coutned, however have you seen any long stretches of bike lane on Ren-Ai and Tun-Hua as claimed?

Bike day is coming on May 3rd again. But has much changed in the past few years for bike commuters in Taipei city? Should biking in Taipei only be a happy epxerience on bike day? There are lot of opportunities in Taipei to add REAL bike lanes, for example on Hsin-Yi and other roads which are under construction. A good time to fix the roads which have so many holes and bumps everywhere. Will the city government finally come out with a clear plan and bikers finally be given SAFE bike lane as a present?

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