Monday, April 20, 2009

Taipei halts cyclist penalty plan

Penalties, Penalties, and Penalties. Seriously ? Is the Taipei government bike-ability plan only based on penalties to make biking "safer"? Read how the Taipei city government tried to limit the freedom of biking in Taipei. Lucky for us, bikers, it's has been postponed, but... for how long? Find the news here. A 15km/h maximum limit? You must be seriously kidding. What is the scientific reason behind this? Does biking become dangerous for cars and motorbikes so Taipei City solution is to have the bikers slow down? Would it mean that pedestrians will be prohibited from running, because we may then equally state that it is less controlled than walking? How does it make you feel that your tax money is paid to the folks writing these plans? The commissionar's (Luo Shiaw-shyan , 羅孝賢) profile (which shows he owns a road bike and has a Ph.D from NTU) is here. We may assume he knows what 15km/h feels like. It all shows Taipei City Government perception of biking is as a recreational activity for the family instead considering it a method of commuting and a serious contender to bring the number of scooters, cars and buses down to lower air pollution. Does it need a Ph.D to develop "plans" like these? I am sure Ah-ma from the corner could do it as well, but for her ofcourse biking is too dangerous in our "high speed" city. There is a story here about a biker who got a ticket for speeding in a park over 15mph and the average measured speed was 17-19mph (yes, Miles!, not Kilometers!)

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