Monday, April 20, 2009

The Response

Thank you for your opinion. Mayor pays attention on your suggestion very much. He especially commands us to reply your question as soon as possible. Regarding to your suggestion about "The bike lane of Taipei ", We response as follows:

Between 2002 and 2007, we build over 58.5 kilometers bike lanes and 100 kilometers riverside bike lanes around the city. Moreover, we set a long-term plan to build over 150 kilometers bike lanes by 2010 and link city bike lanes and riverside bike lanes.

In addition, we have a plan to develop DunHua Road into a cyclist-friendly road by physically dedicated bike lane. In the future, the road along the MRT like Xinyi Road will also be improved with a dedicated bike lane.

In Xinyi District Bike rental stations, similar to those in Paris and Amsterdam, will be available this year. In the near future, bike rental stations will also be provided on DunHua Road.

The future development plan of bike lane will eventually link areas of Taipei by bike lanes. We hope people living in Taipei can bike to schools, offices, recreation and sports centers, and shopping malls. And we will take your suggestion to build safe and convenient bike lane systems.

Thank you for your opinions on the traffic of this city.
If further contact is required, welcome to keep in touch with us (

Best Regards,
Kuo Chung-Sheng, Director of Traffic Engineering Office, Taipei City Government

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