Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Blog For Bike Commuting In Taipei Area

This is the first posting on this blog. The purpose of the blog is to provide positive input to enhance the Taipei bike experience. As well as I you may wonder why Taiwan is such a major player in the bike arena but the biking experience for daily commuting (like from home to work or from the city to the moutains) but is far from pleasant. For example don't you think Taipei City should have bike lanes instead of the lines of paint beside the zebra crossings? Do you think biking in Taipei is safe? What do you think should be done before you change from the scooter, car, MRT or bus to a bike to commute in the city? We can look at examples of other cities how they implement good bike facilities and solutions. Please send your emails and suggestions to, preferable a HTML email with pictures. Please always provide positive input and suggestion for the issue you want to highlight. Hopefully Taipei City will listen!

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